'F' APPLIQUE CAP / $80.00

Our special project with Standsure Company, a boutique Auckland-based headwear brand.

  • Merino blend with slightly shorter squared rim

  • Snapback strap

  • Standsure cotton canvas label at rear

  • Embroidered eyelets

  • Made in New Zealand

  • Limited to only 10 caps





The crunchiest of crunchy of peanut butters.  This peanut butter is a true labour of love - we mill our crunchy pieces separately then hand sieve them to achieve the perfect bite.

  • Ingredients: Hi-oleic dark roasted peanuts and organic sea salt.  Gluten-free.
  • Size: 375g

SMOOTH  /  $8.00

We’ve worked hard to calibrate our grinding plates so that our Smooth peanut butter retains a particular viscosity.  The end result is a beautifully smooth peanut butter that retains the essence of its core nutty ingredient.    

  • Ingredients: Hi-oleic dark roast peanuts and organic sea salt.  Gluten-free.       
  • Size: 375g


Our batch roasted Super Crunchy peanut butter has been carefully blended with Ghanaian dark chocolate to create something very special. 
Try spreading this peanut butter on toasted brioche, dolloped on pancakes or ice cream, or (like us) eat it straight off the spoon for a quick fix.                     

  • Ingredients: Hi-oleic dark roasted peanuts, dark chocolate and organic sea salt
  • Size: 375g  

SMOKE AND FIRE  /  $9.50

A journey of flavours - smokey start with a lingering hot finish. 
Smoke and Fire combines our Super Crunchy peanut butter with New Zealand grown organic cayenne chillies, natural Manuka smoke from Central Otago and Spanish smoked paprika.  Try it on sourdough with avocado and tomato, with a soft goat's cheese or add it to your satay sauce, burger or roasted veggies.                            

  • Ingredients: Hi-oleic dark roasted peanuts, chillies, smoked paprika, natural Manuka smoke and organic sea salt.  Gluten-free.      
  • Size: 375g