New flag, new times

Fix & Fogg has had a growth spurt!

Our beloved little nut buttery on Eva Street became a very tight squeeze mid-last year, so in October we upsized to some sweet new digs on Luke's Lane - just around the corner… 

The move wasn't without its growing pains, only a few weeks in we were hit by the big November quake. Miraculously we didn't lose a single jar of PB! Our building suffered some superficial damage which felt like a bit of a set-back at the time, but where there are peanuts, there will be butter (is that the saying?), and we carried on doing what we do best. 

Over the summer we’ve settled in well. One big perk of our workplace being under construction is that we've got to know one of the nicest construction crews ever, who are always around for a chat or cup of coffee. Christmas time also saw the limited release of our glitzy Fruit Toast flavour. One hundred per cent worth the effort it took to make, this spicy wee number was a smash hit and sold out within a month! We still have customers talking about Fruit Toast with a reminiscent gleam in their eye, and we really don't like to disappoint, so all I can say is watch this space... 

Skip ahead a few months and here we are - June 2017 (how did that happen?!). We’re busier than we’ve ever been, a few new faces have joined our little team, Eva Street has become your one-stop PB shop, Honey is out and we're still buzzing about it (okay, that pun is done). So things are happening which is the way we like it!  

Stay toasty this winter.

We've got a lot to thank you for!


We’re so happy to tell you that we took home two awards from the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awardsat Caffe L'affare in Auckland last Thursday, 27 April.  It sounds like quite the process too: a panel of 10 expert food judges had to taste more than 150 products from 82 growers, farmers and crafted producers from all over Aotearoa.

Our Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter won the Outstanding Producer Earth Crafted award.  And this is awesome because we back our Dark Chocolate PB.  It takes ages for us to craft a new peanut butter that we feel is good enough to bring to market, so winning this award is kind of like a validation that we are indeed doing what we do best. The second award we won was the L’affare Outstanding People's Choice Producer.  And it stands for exactly what you think it would: the people of NZ chose us as their number one producer.  This is what matters most to us.  This is why we do what we do.

It’s been three and a half years since Andrea and I took a chance on leaving our corporate lives behind to dedicate ourselves to crafting something both meaningful and delicious.  When we set out to be the best peanut butter makers in the world, it was a big risk especially as we were just starting our family together. Dud grinders and other less expensive mistakes aside, the journey has been worth it.  Here we are, in the city we love, working with incredible people and making peanut butter that just won us a people’s choice award.

We’re really proud of the fact that our peanut butter has now won awards in both New Zealand and Australia - but even more so that people like you are out there supporting this journey that we're on and helping us grow as a business.  You’re our people.

We wouldn’t be, couldn’t be doing this without you.